This is how a user can place an order from this application:

For the order placement a user has visited the many category page of the application, which can be looked as:


WhatsApp Image 2020-09-12 at 7.41.24 PM

  1. Category Slider: By sliding this section of the screen,  you can easily discover the entire list of menu categories. While, by tapping on any particular category, you will become able to explore the list of menu items that are available in the particular category.

  1. Menu List: Sliding down the menu list, you can view the whole list of the menu items for the specific menu category. 

Here by tapping on any specific menu item, a new screen will be open by mentioning a description of the dish and its price as well. While, here by tapping on the respective “+” and “-” icons, you can easily let the restaurant know that in how many a number of the quantity you want to order the particular dish.


When you will tap this + icon to add the required dishes in your cart, a new popup will be open on the screen asking you to mention some details as the dish size, any specific instruction or comment for chef, the cooking base for dish, and extra ingredients to add more taste in the dish. After fill all these details in the popup, press Done.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-12 at 7.41.17 PM

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-12 at 7.41.18 PM (1)


Once tapping Done, it will then redirect you to the checkout page, where you can elaborate all the details of the dish you are going to order. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-12 at 7.41.14 PM

After this the user will be redirected to the next screen, where they will get asked to provide the address and contact details in a way to deliver the order at their location.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-12 at 7.41.12 PM

While on the same screen by tapping on the below showing Checkout button,  you will be redirected to the payment page. Where for the first, a user need to mention their email id and contact number. 




Once submitting the contact details, simply press the Continue to Pay button and pay for the order using any specific payment method.

The above was the entire procedure to access the Online eMenu user ap


WhatsApp Image 2020-09-12 at 7.41.23 PM


On this screen you are requested to select a preferred payment method additionally to make payment for your order.

If you are done with the shopping, tap on the Checkout button. After then here a new screen will be open as “You May Also Like” like this. 


  1. Cart: This is your cart, where you can view how many no. of products you have add in your cart for purchasing/ordering. While tapping the Cart icon from the top right corner of the application the cart screen will be open with mentioning the Billing Invoice or your order.
  2. Add Addons Slider: In case if you want to add some more attraction in your order, then from here, by sliding the menu list left to right, you can explore the list of menu items and add a particular addon item in your order list by simply tapping the “+” and “-” buttons located at just below to the items. 
  3. Billing Invoice: Here you can get the details of all your ordered items and the total payable amount as well.
  4. Apply Coupon: In order to avail the benefits of the exciting offers as discounts and cashbacks, the customers can copy and paste the Coupon Code in the respective space. 
  5. Checkout: Press the Checkout button to pay for your order. The Checkout and Payment screen will look like this. 


  1. Delivery option: From here, you can choose a preferable delivery option for your order delivert as Deliver Now, Deliver Later, or Pickup Now.
  2. Location : Your address will be shown on this section.
  3. Payment Option: Choose a suitable Payment option and pay for your order.

Menu Orders

On the orders screen of the application, you can view all the details of your placed orders though it’s a live order or a previous order. 


Live Orders:

On this scrreen, the user can review a list of all their live orders along with the entire order details as Order no, Ordered item name, dispatch and delivery time, total amount, etc.


Previous Orders: 

This is the Previous Order Screen of the application, which will let you know the entire details about all your previously placed orders, with including all the details of every particular order.



Your Address

By accessing “Your Address” screen, the app user can add and update their contact details.


  1. Add New: Tap the “Add New”  text, in case you want to add a new location or address for the delivery.  In order to add a new location, a user is requested to provide the following asked detail in the form and press the “Done” button.


  1. Edit: In order to update the details of your existing address, tap on the Pencil icon, and then update the details of the respective fields, that you want to change and press “Update”.
  2. Detete: In addition to delete the location or address, simply tao pn the delete icon.


Menu: Bakerywala Wallet

By accessing the “Bakerywala Wallet” screen of the application, a user can see the total credits/available in their wallet. Also. They are allowed to use the wallet credits. 


Menu: Offers

This the Offers screen of the application, from where the application user can get the information of all the available offers and discounts on the specific menu item. 


To avail the benefits of the particular offer, you just need to apply the specific offer code at the time of order placement in the