This is the screen on the Online eMenu’s admin app from where the admin person of the application will be able to check the profile details.


Admin App -- Items

This is the screen, from where the app admin can access the entire menu item list of the restaurant. Also, they can be able to switch On and Off the particular menu item from the list, simply using the slide button.

As well as on the same screen, at its top, you can see a slider which is showing with the menu items categories. With the help of this slider, you can view all the menu items in a separate category.

App Admin -- Promo Code

By pressing the Promo Code option from the navigation of the app admin, you will become able to view the entire list of all the available promo codes, though it’s inactive or inactive stat.

  • View: By tapping on the View button, you will be able to get the whole details of every particular promo code.

  • Active/Deactive: While pressing the Active / Deactive button, you can anytime change the status of any promo code as Active and Deactivate.

  • Edit Icon:  using this edit icon on the Promo Code screen, the app admin can anytime edit and update the applicable dates of any particular promo code.
  • Delete: In case, if you want to delete any specific promo code, then simply hit the “Delete” icon.