Live orders is the first option on the app admin dashboard, which is also the main screen of the app and is looking like as:


On this screen, the restaurant app admin can get all the data and details of every order which is in process currently. The live order screen will look as: 

Here, by pressing the “On the Way” button a new screen will be open, mentioning a table to inform you the order details as Name, Quantity, Price/Unit, and Total. Also, on the same screen, there are three buttons as a) Mark as Delivered, b) Mark as Undelivered and c) Print Receipt.


  1. Mark as Delivered: Here you may get the details of all the delivered orders.
  2. Mark as Undelivered: Here you may get the details of the orders that are undelivered yet.
  3. Print Receipt: Apply for a print receipt for order from here.


Order Accepted:  If the order is been accepted by the admin, then on the live order screen, you can see the Preparing tab below to order details instead of On the Way,

While, when you will click on the “Preparing” tab, here shows another screen, from where you can assign that order to a Driver.


Asign Order: When you will tap on the “Assign Driver” button, a new screen will be open with a list of available drivers, all you need to choose a driver for the delivery, and press the “Assign” button.