App Introduction

Online eMenu is a wonderful application, which a restaurant business person can integrate into the mobile application of their restaurant, in a way to give their customers an amazing experience to get served from your restaurant without compromising their comfort zone. As with the implementation of such applications in your restaurant business you can simply allow your customers to place a food orders online, by browsing the menu from their smartphones and tablet devices.

This application can be accessible on both Android and iOS devices. 

Where you can download and install the app:

For Android:

For iOS:

 Well, being the restaurant admin/owner, in order to access the admin panel of the application, for the first, you are required to make yourself Login into the admin panel.

App Admin Login

To login use the login screen and follow the mentioned steps.

Admin Login.jpeg

  1. Insert your Email Id in the first column,
  2. Insert your Password  in the respective column. And then press the “Login” button.


App Admin Dashboard


This is how, the app admin dashboard will look like. This will be open when you will tap the navigation menu icon tab  located at the top left corner of your mobile screen.