Currency List: Additionally to accept the payment in multiple currencies, on this screen the super admin can check the list of all the currencies in which they are accepting payment in their restaurant.


Add Currency: While operating the add currency screen, the concerned person can be enabled to add and remove any specific currency.

Admin Dashboard – Employee

Under the Employee section of the admin dashboard, you can get the details and active-inactive status of the employees associated with the restaurant.

1 - Branch Managers:

On this screen the admin person will review all the described details of all the branch managers associated with each branch of the restaurant.


2 - Chefs: By pressing this chef tab under the employee section of the dashboard, a new screen will be open mentioning all the details of the chefs associated with the particular branch or kitchen of the restaurant. See the image:


3 - Driver: As like chefs, when you will click on the driver's option, you will be able to get the details of the drivers associated with the restaurant.


Note: On the chef, driver section you can view, edit, and delete any specific data by using the view, edit and delete icons respectively under the actions column.