Order Management is another useful section of the admin dashboard of this system. From here you can get all the required details of the orders by accessing the submenu under the Order Management drop-down. Refer to the mentioned picture:


  1. Live Orders: View and access all the running orders.
  2. User Order List: Using this option, you can view the entire lists of the orders placed by the users.
  3.  Create Order list: By using this section, you can create an order list for the user who is placing their order on a phone call.
  4. Today’s Order: By accessing this option, you can get the details of all the orders for the present day.
  5. Order List: On passing the order list tab you can get the details of all past and present orders placed by the customers.


Offers: This is how the Offers section of the menu super admin can work

Offers: From this tab, the super admin can view, create, edit, and delete the offers additionally to get more customers.

Early Bird Offers: Using the screen, the super admin can easily review all the previously created early bird offers as well as they may new early bird offers from here.