Keeping a deep concern about the re-invention and the growth of your restaurant businesses in the present age of hardcore competition and day to day enhancing technology. I have planned to develop a multi-purpose digital system for the restaurants. This can simply assist the global restaurant business owners, by allowing them to accept the customer's orders using an online ordering process directly from the restaurant's website or mobile application. Then I design and developed this technical business growth and user engaging software system for the restaurants “Online eMenu”. Which not merely make the restauranters to receive online food orders but, also make them enable to makes their customers a lot more happy with live tracking delivery system. 

Apart from that, in order to empower the restaurant’s reputation in the niche market, I integrated this software application with easy to access POS and CRM features as well.

If you are looking to grab more about the usage and features of this Online Food Ordering and Delivery System , please go through this step by step user manual document.

You can explore the product website by visiting the URL as:

Here is the website’s first look:

 WEb Home Page.png



The Login Process for Restaurant Website Admin:

After getting your restaurant integrated with this technical restaurant growth application. Being the restaurant admin firstly you are requested to get login into the website’s admin  panel.


 The above is the login screen for the for the admin panel.  Where you need to follow the three simple steps:

  1. Enter Email Id in the first column.
  2. Enter Password in the second column.
  3. Hit the Sign In button. Once you hit the Sign In button , it will redirect you to the Dashboard of the admin panel.